Saturday 22 September, 2018
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Sinong mas magaling na abogado? Duterte dares ‘sira ulo’ IBP to SC face-off on anti-tambay order

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President Rodrigo Duterte called the head of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines “sira ulo” (crazy) for debunking his order to the police to arrest “istambays” (loiterers) as part of the government’s effort to fight crime.

Duterte also challened IBP national president Abdiel Fajardo to a face off in the Supreme Court on the legality of his anti-tambay order to prove who was the better abogado between them.

“Iyung IBP na siraulo. Look guys, if you are the president of IBP, there is no need for a law for me to order the clearing of the streets. If I say, ‘arrest and take into custody the young people’, that is well within my parents patriae — the father of the nation — to protect them from crime,” said Duterte in a speech in Davao City.

“That they are being used as a courier, they’re being used ‘yang mga rambol kita mo naman. So they are young because of their tender age, we have to take them out of the streets and place them overnight — ‘yung mga barangay and safe places and after that they are returned to their parents. Nothing is wrong with that,” he added.

Fajardo claimed Duterte’s order was illegal.

“Yung verbal order po ay medyo duda po tayo sa legality ng isang arrest na hindi nakasaad talaga sa papel kung ano ‘yung elemento ng offense o krimen na naging basehan ng warrantless arrest,” Fajardo said in an interview with GMA’s Ivan Mayrina.

“Matagal na pong hindi sinang-ayunan ‘yan ng Supreme Court natin. ‘Yung mga dampot-dampot at imbitasyon… Imbitasyon nga e. ‘Pag imbitasyon, pwedeng tumanggi,” he added.

But Duterte was adamant that Fajardo was wrong and challenged him to a face-off in the High Court.

“You can bring me to the Supreme Court and we will see each other there. You not — do not deprive government to reduce us to inutility. Pareho tayo abogado. Kung sino lang ang marunong sa atin,” said Duterte.

“Wala na akong drama-drama. Ayaw — if you do not agree, well you can go to the Supreme Court. Walang problema,” he added.

Duterte, however, said Fajardo and critics of his anti-tambay order should be ready to take responsibility for the rise of loiterers on the street.

“Pero sabihin ko sa inyo putang ina sagutin ninyo kung anong mangyari dito. If that is the only argument that you have, that it’s unconstitutional. Of course it is not Under the broad powers of — power of the state — police power of the state to protect its own citizens,” he said.

“Ewan ko lang kung saan mo nakuha ‘yung theory. But that would be parens patriae. It is a very sacred obligation of government to help the helpless. Because of their tender age, we are not going to arrest them. We have to take them out physically.Of course it’s arrest, then you are brought to the barangay captain and returned to your parents the following day,” he added.

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