Saturday 22 September, 2018
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Topacio: AndyBau’s resignation is history in the making

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Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio on Thursday said Commission on Elections Chairman Andres will go down in Philippine history as the first Comelec chief to be impeached.

Topacio, one of the complainants in the impeachment case against Bautista, stressed the latter’s resignation had no bearing since he did not sign any formal letter, and that he merely announced his intention to step down on social media.

“When he was impeached, he is still the sitting Comelec chair. His resignation was not irrevocable. It is merely an intention to resign, which may or may not happen,” Topacio said.

“What if before December 31, 2017, God decides to tell him: Andy, don’t resign,” he said.

“Whatever happens here, (Comelec) chairman Bautista will always be, in Philippine history, known as the first Comelec chair to be impeached. His place in history is assured,” Topacio stressed.

Nonetheless, Topacio stressed the only way out for Bautista now is to file an irrevocable resignation before the Senate, sitting as the impeachment court, conduct the impeachment proceeding.

At the same time, Topacio slammed opposition Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan’s statement that an impeachment trial against Bautista is just a “waste of time.”

“That is unseemly for a senator to say because entertaining an impeachment complaint when articles of impeachment are transmitted to the Senate are part and parcel of the duties of the senators and the Senate as an institution,” Topacio said.

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