Tuesday 25 September, 2018
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Cover-up pa more: Solano seeks to expunge original affidavit, evidence in UST Aegis hazing-slay of Atio

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John Paul Solano, one of the prime suspects in the hazing death of Horacio Castillo III, insisted that his first sworn statement and the evidence authorities have gathered in the Aegis Juris library in Manila, were inadmissible in evidence.

Solano claimed this in his counter-affidavit which his lawyer submitted before the Department of Justice, and urged government prosecutors to immediately strike them out.

Lawyer Paterno Esmaquel, Solano’s counsel, pointed out that the DoJ erred when it refused to strike out the affidavit and the evidence collated from the crime scene.

In his affidavit, Solano denied knowing Castillo and that he first came to know the victim when he was found on a street in Tondo, Manila.

This contradicted his subsequent sworn affidavit telling investigators that he was asked by his “brods” to bring Castillo to a hospital after the latter collapsed during the fatal initiation rites.

As to the evidence from the fraternity library, Esmaquel the evidence should not be admitted because these were secured from a defective search warrant.

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