Tuesday 17 July, 2018
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Sereno doesn’t want judges to wear armbands or hold banner for her: I’ve no interest in feeding my ego

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MANILA — Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno urged trial court judges to stay focused on their work as dispensers of truth and justice and not to be sidetracked by the political noise meant to oust her as the country’s top magistrate.

“I did not come here to, as some would advise, rally the troops and ask you to wear armbands or hold placards for me,” Sereno said during the gathering of the Philippine Trial Judges League Inc. in its 24th annual convention and biennial election held at The Oriental Hotel in Palo, Leyte on Wednesday.

“I know that, ultimately, such political maneuverings can only erode our branch of government in the long-term, however gratifying it may be at the moment. I have no interest in feeding my ego,” she added.

It was Sereno’s first public appearance since the House Committee on Justice, voting 25-2, declared on October 4 that there is a basis to proceed with the impeachment proceedings even without discussing each of the 27 allegations against her.

The country’s top magistrate told trial court judges that the “greatest demonstration of support” they can give her was to “work hard, work with integrity, be honest in all your dealings, and defend the Constitution as we all swore to do.”

“Remain steadfast in the conduct of your duties; zone out of politics, and decide on your cases with openness, sobriety, and fairness,” she said.

In front of whom she called “frontliners of our courts,” Sereno reiterated that the impeachment proceedings did not bother her because she knew the truth was on her side.

“To tell you the truth, I do not feel as embattled as the news stories may portray me to be,” she said. “As one of my younger staff remarked, ‘Ang chill ni CJ, bagay ang pangalan — Sereno, as in serene… Kalmado’. (CJ is just chill. Her name just fits her. — Sereno, as in serene…Calm.)”

She added: “I am like this because I know that the truth is on my side. And in a time of constant spin, when narratives are co-opted to serve the personal agenda of a few, the truth is our bedrock.”

“I know that did not lie. I did not cheat. I did not take advantage of my fellow. I performed my duties well as the Chief Justice. I have enough faith in the truth to sleep soundly at night; I have enough faith in our people, and in our democratic systems, to know that narratives built on lies will eventually crumble,” she said.

The Chief Justice also reminded trial judges that the “greatest battle for our democratic system is not happening in the newspapers, or in other august halls in Manila” but “in your courtrooms.”

“All I ask is that tomorrow, you wake up and resolve to do the best, most honest, fairest work that you can do, and again the day after that, and again the day after that. There is nothing more than a Chief Justice can ask of you,” she said.


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