Monday 24 September, 2018
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LOOK: Aegis Juris’ recruitment brochure features Nilo Divina, phrase ‘Do No Injustice, Suffer No Injustice’

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Aegis Juris Fraternity’s motto of “Do No Injustice, Suffer No Injustice” seems ironic nowadays after its latest recruit, Horacio Tomas Castillo III, allegedly died after going through hazing.

The phrase is featured prominently on the brochure that the fraternity gives out to promising law students from the University of Santo Tomas to get them to join their so-called “brotherhood.”

In a bid to encourage aspiring lawyers to join the fraternity, Aegis Juris placed the names and photos of some of its most prominent members, such as UST Faculty of Civil Law Dean and Divina Law founder Nilo Divina, on the brochure.

It also listed the names of the fraternity brothers who passed the 2016 bar exam.

Apparently attracted by the promise of brotherhood and the perks of being in a fraternity, Castillo joined Aegis Juris.

He told his parents, Horacio Jr. and Carmina, that he would be staying overnight Saturday (September 16) for Aegis Juris’ welcome rites. He said the initiation had ended.

Castillo was found by a bystander on a sidewalk the following day, wrapped in a blanket and motionless.

He was declared dead on arrival at the Chinese General Hospital past 9 a.m.

The police’s spot report on Castillo’s death showed he had hematoma on both arms. Bruises and drops of melted candle wax were also found all over his body.

Horacio Jr. said that while he had qualms about letting his son join Aegis Juris, the latter assured him that no hazing will take place.

“Sabi niya, walang mangyayaring hazing because this is a legal fraternity and the dean is a member of it,” he said.

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