Tuesday 25 September, 2018
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Bar Exam Hacks: How to answer legal essays perfectly

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The Supreme Court is giving out the best tips and advice to successfully pass the Bar Exams. The High Court released a guide to help aspiring abogados and abogadas reach their dreams.

The Bar Examinations is composed of essay and multiple choice test types. In this guide, the SC gives effective strategies to answer essay question.

Bar candidates should read the question carefully and understand the direction words being used. The aspiring abogados and abogadas should also give the legal resolution being asked by the essay questions. It is also wiser to go directly to the point when answering the questions.

The candidates are also asked to write legibly and cohesively to make it easier to follow their logic or thinking. The barristers are asked to always proofread their answers and avoid unnecessary writings on the booklet like a plea to the examiner or a prayer to God.

Wag bara bara kundi bagsak ka!

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