Monday 24 September, 2018
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Aegis Juris Fraternity suspended twice in 3 years

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Aegis Juris Fraternity is in hot water for the death of UST freshman law student Horacio del Castillo III, whose last known activity was the final rites of the fraternity. Authorities said Del Castillo died due to hazing.

But the UST-based frat is no stranger to controversies, especially issues of violence.

In 2014, the Aegis Juris Fraternity, along with the Gamma Delta Epsilon Fraternity, was suspended in as part of a precautionary measure to ensure the security of all reviewees and students of the faculty.

The memorum, signed by Civil Law Dean Nilo Divina, was a response to the complained from the Office of the Bar Confidant, referring to a supposed commotion between the two fraternities during the bar exams.

The Varsitarian quoted then Civil Law Student Council President Victor Villanueva regarding the incident: “Hindi ko na-witness, pero from accounts of students who were there, may sakitang naganap, not just yesterday but also [last] Sunday,” he said.

In November last year, the Faculty of Civil Law had suspended all members of the Gamma Delta Epsilon Fraternity and Aegis Juris Fraternity following a confrontation inside the University.

Civil Law Dean Nilo Divina said the incident involved two students who engaged in a fistfight inside the campus. The Varsitarian reported that the students engaged in fisticuffs that started a commotion between the members of the fraternities.

The Aegis Juris Fraternity deactivated its social media accounts and website on Monday.

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